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Tropical Fun: Check Out These Koh Samui Beach Villas

Thailand is known for its tropical weather, making it a hotspot for travelers who can’t get enough of the sunny weather. There is something about being in the beach that gets rid of stress and makes us think of fun happy times.

This is why a beach holiday every now and then is a must if you want to recharge your batteries. In Koh Samui Thailand, the surefire way to have a holiday of a lifetime is to book one of its luxury beach villas. Koh Samui has a huge collection of impressive holiday residences where you can enjoy the laidback vacation you have always wanted to have. In looking for Koh Samui beach villas, among the things you should consider is the size of your group. If you are only travelling with a couple of friends, probably one of  Koh Samui villas that have two rooms is more than enough. However, if you are going to be on the island for your wedding, you definitely need to check out bigger villas in Koh Samui. If you’re ready, get to know some of the most popular Koh Samui beach villas.

Baan Mika

koh samui beach villas

Perhaps one of the most interesting spots in Thailand is Koh Samui. Villas on the beach are definitely the best accommodations you can find for yourself to ensure that you get the most of your stay. Baan Mika, which is located in Bophut, will surely live up to your standards if you need a medium sized place. This has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and is cozy enough for 12 guests. On site are 3 reliable staffs to attend to the guests’ concerns.

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Stylish be it on the outside or the inside, Baan Mika deserves to be called one of the best Koh Samui beach villas because it is grand, spacious, and decorated using the most lavish home furnishings on the island. The wheat and oat color scheme—harmonious blend of cream and golden browns—is observed all throughout the structure. This makes it visually appealing since the colors beautifully make the island colors stand out.

Baan Mika

Among its best spots is the rustic but very elegant outdoor dining area that faces that sea. This is a wonderful place to enjoy dinner at sunset or have a brunch with the whole family. It is also a wonderful area to have your afternoon tea or coffee as it offers some of the most breathtaking views in the property.

Baan Mika has an office, an internet connection, and a fully equipped kitchen. It even has its own wine cellar, which is definitely a plus.

Panu 1

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If one of the smaller Koh Samui beach villas are what you like, you might want to check Panu 1. This is a contemporary style villa that has a couple of bedrooms and is often chosen by couple wanting to spend a romantic holiday in Thailand. It is set right at the beach and you can actually feel the cool breeze moving all around the place.

Koh Samui Villas on the beach

The living room is smartly decorated, using a contrast of light and dark colors, as well as sharp and curvy elements. From here, you can enjoy the lovely views of the sea. The couch is comfortable and carefully chosen home décor are used to complete the look.

luxury koh samui beach villas

Panu 1 has a gorgeous pool, with a deck furnished with unique chairs. On site, there is an air conditioning system, a Wi-Fi access, and telephones. With its two bedrooms, it is most suitable for a group of 4. Because it is secluded, it is great as a honeymoon haven for couples who want something intimate, close to the beach, and offers quality service.

Villa Kalyana

Villa Kalyana

For Koh Samui villas on the beach for celebrations, space is of the essence especially if you and your guests will be coming from other countries. A holiday villa that can accommodate everyone is just what you need. At Villa Kalayana, you can worry no more as the place can accommodate up to 22 people. It has 15 bathrooms and 10 bedrooms. You can be sure that there will be plenty of space for everyone. All the 8 staffs are well trained and will be able to address your concerns.

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The place is secure and has a beautiful tropical garden with an abundance of slender coconut trees. There is a parking area that is big enough for 5 vehicles. A library with an impressive collection of reading materials is in the master bedroom. Of course, there is also a gym and facilities for a number of activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, beach volleyball, and even badminton. While here, you won’t get bored as the beach is so beautiful and there are a lot of activities you can do. There is a full time chef on site so food can be prepared without lifting a finger. Should there be a problem, you can easily reach the manager that can speak English.

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The place combines a Thai inspired structure and traditional décor with modern amenities that can go head to head with the amenities of any five star resort in the area. It has a game room that includes a billiard table, an internet connection, and a Western style kitchen. Lounge chairs, sun beds, and hammocks are also placed in key areas of the house.

If you are planning on bringing kids with you, Villa Kilyana is among the villas on the island that has its own fully air conditioned children’s room. All the kids can stay here as it is complete with bunk beds, gaming console, and a TV.

Enjoying the tropics is probably one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life. Koh Samui is definitely a tropical paradise with unparalleled beauty and a high standard of living. For your enjoyment, check out these recommended Koh Samui beach villas and have a holiday that your colleagues will surely envy. Also, remember to book ahead if you find a villa that interests you or regret it later on.

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